Monday, December 19, 2011

A new sista & fwen =)

seriously..she's extra cute..pretty..and so friendly..thanks lalink .. i like her.. and lOve her tOo much.. wink wink wink.. ^_^
Now..i already get a new sister.. so cOol right?? muka sis neyh nak iras2 ELYANA kan3??
Firsttime,i think she's arrogant.. but i'm wrong.. sis neyh sgt2 macOk air.. hahaa..alOlOlOloo.. xnak jeles owkeyh.. *yOu look like a barbie dOll when she's sulky*
but she stay far away with me. . . haa?? where she stay?? opss sorry.. i can't tell to you.. because of this SECRET . . .*flips hair* 
she's older a few years with me.. but it's nOt be a prOblem,, we can still be friend. .

p/s Sorry sis,, i ambik pic you,, xbgthu..hOhOhOo.. muaahhh fOr yOu sista =)

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