Saturday, December 17, 2011


hyepp peeps, . , . ,i'm was sad nOw. . . *killing myself,terjun bangunan tingkat 16*
1hours40minutes i'm waited with patience. . . ingat aku neyh tUnggul kayu kew haa??ingat aku xdak perasaan ke??

SWEAR DEAR !! i'm very disappointed with the yOur attitude,,if i know you come late to me,,i follow ma g kuar pown xpew..i'm willing to wait for you alone in the house. . but you never concern with my safety right??
you sanggup g teman mmbe yOu dating..drp dtg temankan awex you kan?? *wipes my tears* ape salahnye kan yOu tggl mmbe yOu nan awex come to me.. tapi yOu xpnah fikirkan pasal tOo..xpnah fikirkan ape perasaan i,,sumpah i takut tggu rumah sesorang. . .next time, xpyah laa janji nak dtg awal,,if you xleyh tunaikan janji you,,i wait you with my tears you know?? arghhh !! i know now i've not important to you right?? i's owkeyhlaa dear, , ,thanks fOr all. . thanks for yOur lOve..

p/s thanks for 1HOURS40MINUTES

lots of L.O.V.E

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