Sunday, December 18, 2011


yuhOoooo... weit weitt weitttt headers,,hyep2. .  especially fOr WOMEN.. i want tO tell yOu something about MEN LIKE WOMEN. . . the reasOns is yOu lOok down . . . . 

 *nature of the attraction of a woman in the eyes of men.They were delighted with yOur coquettish..

#full understanding#
 *the attitude of women to men's sense of feel valued and accepted.The attitude is reflected from a simple sense of forgiveness.

 *men like to be appreciated,praised ang given sincere belief.Appreciation of the women make men feel proud ..

#keeping appearances#
 *men like women who keep up their appearance to lOok beautiful,clean,neat and attractive.The appearance of good shows that,make a women appreciate herself.

 *men attracted to women who know how to communicate and always make are joke.For example.. being open ..

#respect yourself#
 *men love women who are respect for himself as a women,being polite and have ecthics.Women who respect themselves are confident and know what good and bad treatment by a man against himself..

#sympathy and concern#
 men like women who are generous,caring,sympathetic on hard luck,love children and dOn't discriminate.Goodness of fit and spontaneous,reflecting a noble heart..

p/s i read and share for youUuuu "WOMEN"..peace yaw. . .

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