Monday, December 19, 2011

A new sista & fwen =)

seriously..she's extra cute..pretty..and so friendly..thanks lalink .. i like her.. and lOve her tOo much.. wink wink wink.. ^_^
Now..i already get a new sister.. so cOol right?? muka sis neyh nak iras2 ELYANA kan3??
Firsttime,i think she's arrogant.. but i'm wrong.. sis neyh sgt2 macOk air.. hahaa..alOlOlOloo.. xnak jeles owkeyh.. *yOu look like a barbie dOll when she's sulky*
but she stay far away with me. . . haa?? where she stay?? opss sorry.. i can't tell to you.. because of this SECRET . . .*flips hair* 
she's older a few years with me.. but it's nOt be a prOblem,, we can still be friend. .

p/s Sorry sis,, i ambik pic you,, xbgthu..hOhOhOo.. muaahhh fOr yOu sista =)

Sunday, December 18, 2011


yuhOoooo... weit weitt weitttt headers,,hyep2. .  especially fOr WOMEN.. i want tO tell yOu something about MEN LIKE WOMEN. . . the reasOns is yOu lOok down . . . . 

 *nature of the attraction of a woman in the eyes of men.They were delighted with yOur coquettish..

#full understanding#
 *the attitude of women to men's sense of feel valued and accepted.The attitude is reflected from a simple sense of forgiveness.

 *men like to be appreciated,praised ang given sincere belief.Appreciation of the women make men feel proud ..

#keeping appearances#
 *men like women who keep up their appearance to lOok beautiful,clean,neat and attractive.The appearance of good shows that,make a women appreciate herself.

 *men attracted to women who know how to communicate and always make are joke.For example.. being open ..

#respect yourself#
 *men love women who are respect for himself as a women,being polite and have ecthics.Women who respect themselves are confident and know what good and bad treatment by a man against himself..

#sympathy and concern#
 men like women who are generous,caring,sympathetic on hard luck,love children and dOn't discriminate.Goodness of fit and spontaneous,reflecting a noble heart..

p/s i read and share for youUuuu "WOMEN"..peace yaw. . .

Saturday, December 17, 2011


hyepp peeps, . , . ,i'm was sad nOw. . . *killing myself,terjun bangunan tingkat 16*
1hours40minutes i'm waited with patience. . . ingat aku neyh tUnggul kayu kew haa??ingat aku xdak perasaan ke??

SWEAR DEAR !! i'm very disappointed with the yOur attitude,,if i know you come late to me,,i follow ma g kuar pown xpew..i'm willing to wait for you alone in the house. . but you never concern with my safety right??
you sanggup g teman mmbe yOu dating..drp dtg temankan awex you kan?? *wipes my tears* ape salahnye kan yOu tggl mmbe yOu nan awex come to me.. tapi yOu xpnah fikirkan pasal tOo..xpnah fikirkan ape perasaan i,,sumpah i takut tggu rumah sesorang. . .next time, xpyah laa janji nak dtg awal,,if you xleyh tunaikan janji you,,i wait you with my tears you know?? arghhh !! i know now i've not important to you right?? i's owkeyhlaa dear, , ,thanks fOr all. . thanks for yOur lOve..

p/s thanks for 1HOURS40MINUTES

lots of L.O.V.E

Sunday, December 11, 2011


assalamualaikOm . . . =( *face of sadness*
i'm wrOng because noisy dekat dya. . .dya tgah sakit2 after xcident.. owg tetap bicing2...
dO yOu know why ?? owg bising2 dekat dya.. sebab owg resau thu x pasal dya.. i'm getting up of bed ,,see the phone.. owg dpt mcj dr dya.. " cyg2 ,,yunk jatuh motow" 
sumpah !! mmng t'kejut giler..dah pkir mcm2 dah dalam kpala otak owg neyh.. owg kOl dya xpickup..owg mcj dya x reply..
last2 owg kol dya ,,dya pickup jgk *thanks gOd* ..time too mmng gelabah gler arr coz resau cgt ..
tp owg thu dya xckew kan owg bicing at dya. . . tp sorry laa.. owg bicing coz terlampau resau. . .dekat dya. .
and dya pown thu kan owg clalu pesan at dya , . kuar mne2 take care,,be careful on the road. . . . tp dya xdgar pown pew owg pesan,, hurmm xpela lepas neyh owg xbcing2 dah dekat dya. . . dya nak uat apew dya uatlaa owkeh.. owg xlarang dah dya.. dya nak kuar blek koy bpew pown,, up tOo you laa owkeh.. 
lpas neyh xyah nak rindu2 dah klow owg x pOpet2 at dya..owg popet at dya tanda SAYANG + CARING ggrrr~ herm !! *sulking*


lots of LOVE

Saturday, December 10, 2011

finally =)

hahaa hyep gelak kejap ... alOha lalalallaa *singing* i'm looked happy..hehhe ofkoslaa happy.. FINALLY !! sudah sekian lamenya aku xkuar jenjalan nan LITTLE SAIFUL .. akhirnye 10.12.2011 dpt jgak aku kuar jenjalan nan si SAIFUL nuh,, ambOihhh besalaa yOu bz mgalahkan YB ,,hOhOHoo.. tp syiOk arr..aku ase cam ngah angau + kemaruk C.I.N.T.A first dating ,,hehee btw thanks sayang. . . bwak i kuar jenjalan.. lame dahkan yOu xbwak i kuar jenjalan an ^_^.. i hOpe everyday we are happy right . . .

p/s 당신을 사랑

lOts of LO.V.E

Thursday, December 8, 2011


wazzUp wazzup yOuallllsssss ,,,gagaga  SAYA FATYEEN NABIELLA BINTI ZAKARIA .. KJ102A058 ..SPM CANDIDATES.. saya nak bgthu saya xnak amek exam dah lpas neyh buleyh x?? haha :D n saya xnak dtg scOla dah buleyh x?? cbb paper saya dah abih 6.12.2011 ,,n i'm nOt student anymore teacher .. papai teacher nnty teacher xbuleyh dah bcing at saya.. hahahahaa msty teacher rindu kan3 at saya.. aloLoloLOO xnak ngaku plak,,. aAarrrrggggghhhhh ! ! ! aku nak jerit kuat2 buleyh x?? FREEDOM //////

yes FREEDOM,,,neyh y hang nak kan atyeen ..skunk hang dah FREEDOM.. apew lg..KEJEW laa jOngos ...3month xkan dok saja gOyang kaki kowtt... hahaha  . . .tp rezeki xcmpy lg laa,,, aku minx kjew xdpt2 lg,,*muka sepOsen* 
dah cty2 neyh rindu laa kat tawan2..adOihh... sume dah uat haluan masing2 ..*cdeyh T_T* sobsobsob 
aku nak tnjUk bju2 aku kne lappy neyh trOuble laa plak,,nak BLuueetOoth prOblem..hadOihh ..sokeyhlaa

p/s aku harap kawan2 aku b'jaya dgn hidOp k'alam dEwasa keyh.. n dOakan aku dpt kjew *PRAY*