Thursday, October 27, 2011


#what do you do atyeen nabilla??

if i'm rich like a millionaire
but if I had money,
^ first I want to give some to my MOTHER and my DAD to my parents built a large house as WHITE HOUSE,,hahaa :D
^The second that I would like to use for my own pleasure, I want to open a hair shop,i want to drive a sports care,i want to buy a shop like "CADBURY" chocolate shop, I like it,i want to bUy the WORLD, I want myself to succeed,and dOn't fOrget tO shOpping arOund the world..hahaha.
^Third, I want to open houses for the poor and the elderly cOz I saw them live difficult life as abandoned by the son...
ciSs!!The fallen son!!hahaha :D

^Fourth, I want to go honeymoon with LITTLE SAIFUL..zZZz *galaks*

#ambOih atyeen NABilla,i want tO say yOur age not enOugh tO go hOneymoon,yOu still young keyh..for think about it.
if i rich keyh,,if i'm not rich i don't think about all it.erghh SHIT!!busybOdy jewp..hErm!! >.<

p/s but i dOn't care i'm rich or nOt cOz i'm cOmfortable with my life now..we shOuld be thankful wiff what we have now OWKEYH ^_^ thANkz God!!ALLAH S.W.T

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